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Happy Easter
Saturday, 07 April 2012
grind-feature-spot1.jpgTomorrow is Easter Sunday. The day when someone very special rose from the dead. Grind the Rabbit. You can't keep the Easter bunny down for long. Having met with a head on collision with an 18 wheel juggernaut, while doing his Easter egg rounds, Grind is now back from the dead. We scraped him off the tarmac, fluffed him up, gave him a nice body bag to keep him fresh and maggot-free, and stuck him on our Roadkill shelves. So, instead of giving your loved ones buckets of chocolate this weekend, why don't you give them a squashed bag of fur.
New Year's Resolution
Tuesday, 27 December 2011

new-products-blog.jpgMerry Christmas, Fellow Roadkill enthusiasts. Next Year is the Chinese Year of the squashed rat. To mark this propitious year, we will be bringing you lots of Roadkill joy and innovations. Splodge the Hedgehog will be back by popular demand. And Puddle the Vole will be making his first appearance. We will be endeavouring to bring you computer games, cartoons and many other Roadkill bits and bobs. Roadkill's job is never done.

Halloween Special
Monday, 24 October 2011
squirrel1.jpgYou don't have to believe in ghosts to believe in things that go bump in the night. You just have to stand beside a dual carriageway and hear furry fauna get dragged unceremoniously underneath speeding cars. Yes, if you want gore and blood, switch off your Eli Roth gorefests and go out and purchase a Roadkill Toy. The best bloody Halloween gift you can get.
Dragon's Den Accolades
Monday, 24 October 2011
site-intro-spot7.jpgAll PR is good PR. FHM recently voted on the worst ever Dragon's Den products. Roadkill Toys came top of the list! That's much better than coming second. Or fourth. I'm not sure what their criteria for judging were, but I think they hit on something. You either love Roadkill Toys or you don't. Like any good idea, there's no room for occupying the middle ground. Or the middle of the road.
Smudge the Squirrel Obit
Sunday, 22 May 2011
new-products-blog.jpgOn 15th August, Smudge the Squirrel nibbled his last nut. Shortly thereafter he was flattened by a landing B52 bomber at Brize Norton airbase. He was best known for his stirling work in the Forestry Commission. He leaves all his worldly chattels, including his collection of acorns, to Skid the Badger. His father Xerxes the Squirrel, is holding a short service at St John the Baptist, Burford. You can pay your respects there... or on where his remains will be sold as the next designer squash-plush teddy. Look out for Smudge in early July.
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