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Twitch on the Telly

Auuuurrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!Twitch has just been seen splatted all over the TV. Last week he was on the Jonathan Ross show. Just before Jonathan Ross chatted to Goldie Hawn, Twitch was pulled out from under the desk. Wossy then had a quick chat about Twitch, likening his bloodshot eye to Pete Doherty. Goldie Hawn had a hard act to follow after that. I bet she never thought she'd be upstaged by a Roadkill Raccoon.

And Twitch wasn't finished after that. A couple of days later he appeared on Paul O'Grady's show, and then in the Wiltshire Pig Farmer's Gazzette. Twitch has since been receiving calls from Lassie, Flipper, Bouncer and a host of other famous showbiz animals. However Twitch is going to keep his feet firmly on the ground. For the time being.