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Xmas Post

Urrrrghhhh! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Roadkill Team. I hope you're all recovering from the Christmas Turkey. Unfortunately our postmen have overdone it on the eggnog. There won't be any post until the new year. The next time we will be sending out Roadkill Teddies is on Monday 7th January. This is the first postal date after Christmas.

So, January 7th is the next day that Twitch will be leaving our shelves. He's had quite a busy last three weeks, so we think he needs the rest. And in the new year Twitch will be joined by many more of his buddies. Grind the Rabbit is currently being scraped off the road and placed in his body bag. He should be ready to join Twitch in early to mid-March. So, look left and look right and look left again for new Roadkill Products.