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UK Toy Fair 2008

Thwackka!!!I've just come back from the Toy Fair in London. For toy geeks and vinyl psychos it's terrific. Every kind of toy in every category is shaking its tush there. And lots of big, balding kids wandering around licking their lips. For the designer toy enthusiasts it left a bit to be desired. There were the odd stalwarts, like the Qee figures, and Jouma bears. But apart from that, it left me feeling a bit flat. That's why I took along some Roadkill products to spice things up!

Boff!!!Twitch and his new Friend Grind (who's still at the sampling stage), made their debut at the Toy Fair. They raised a few eyebrows... and turned a few stomachs. I showed them to a couple of traditional, victorian doll makers, and they nearly barfed up their breakfast. But generally speaking people were pleased to see them there. I had a look around and saw some classic vinyl Star Wars figures, from the Mattel golden days.