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New Roadkill Teddy

Twackkkk!!!!A new addition to the Roadkill family. Grind the Rabbit is currently in production. He's been delayed a bit, because of Squirrel New Year. For two weeks every year around this time, squirrel workers traditionally down tools and go back to visit their families. But as from next week they're back at work, fully refreshed and raring to put the finishing touches to new Roadkill Teddy.

Kerploinkkkkaaaa!!!!!!I'm really excited about our new Roadkill Teddy, Grind the Rabbit. Usually products have to go through quite a few samples before you get it right. But with Grind, the first sample I saw was pretty much tip top. I wanted to make a couple of changes, and as soon as they're done he should be dragging his battered body off the production line. I'm aiming to have him ready in time for Easter, as he's going to be Roadkill's version of The Easter Bunny! Keep reading this space for more updates on Grind.