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WWF Chariddy

Awww cute!!No this isn't our latest Roadkill Plush Toy. And no you can't pull its guts out. This is a Polar Bear teddy that was sent to us by WWF.  Even though it may look like we have some deep-seated grudge against cute furry animals, we are actually animal lovers. We are keen supporters of animal welfare charities, such as WWF. We have recently adopted a Polar Bear on Svalbard island in the Arctic Circle.

This cuddly Polar Bear may look like it's in better shape than Twitch. But he's having a pretty tough time too. The Svalbard Bears, of which we are supporting one, are a group of five male and female polar bears from an island in the arctic circle. Their home is Raudfjorden, in one of the most scenic parts of Svalbard. These bears are suffering, just as the rest of the polar bears, from declining populations and melting habitats. If global warming trends continue, polar bears will be extinct in 100 years. And all we'll have left will be CGI Coke adverts.