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Swine Flu
Monday, 04 May 2009

Ceff! Ceff! Ceff!Following the recent outbreak of Swine Flu News we felt it best to quarantine our roadkill teddies. Our concerns were heightened when Twitch developed a cold sweat and bloodshot eyes. But we were relieved to find they were just symptoms of being roadkill. We will be monitoring our roadkill teddies closely for any further signs of Swine Flu. But at the moment, Twitch, Grind and Splodge have a clean bill of health. Apart from the fact they're roadkill.  

Happier Easter
Wednesday, 08 April 2009

Gotcha!!!Easter is a time of joy. A time of year when small furry animals come out of hibernation. When beautiful, new born lambs spring out to greet the world. When lines of goslings chirrup down gentle rivers. When fluffy bunnies hop in the fragrant sunshine. It's also the time of year when Roadkill is at its height. More furry creatures equals more furry splats.

Easter Arrivals
Friday, 27 March 2009

Sploooonnnnnphhhhfffff!!!!!Easter is a time of rebirth. A time when the land and nature renew and regenerate. A time when flora and fauna in all its finery blossom. It is also a good time of year for Roadkill. In the next coming few weeks, we're going to be peeling another unfortunate creature off the tarmac. His name is Pop. And he's a weasel. Keep your eyes peeled for Pop. He'll be dragging his battered body into our website soon. Happy Easter!

Mother's Day
Monday, 16 March 2009

You shouldn't have!Happy Mother's Day. If you're bored of getting your mum chocolates, or flowers, or bottles of sherry, why don't you get her something different. Something she'll really enjoy. A Roadkill Teddy. Mums love gore. They love blood and guts and dangly bits. She'll thank you for it. Trust us.

Roadkill Pancake Recipe
Monday, 23 February 2009

Thunnnnkkkkaaa!!!!This Pancake Day why not try something different. A Roadkill Pancake. The great thing about roadkill is that it comes pre-flattened. There's no need to beat it or tenderise it. Just peel it off the road and stick it in a pre-greased pan. Squirrel, stoat, weasel, vole, hedgehog... they all make great pancakes.

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