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What does the price of the teddy include?

The price of £25 consists of one Roadkill Teddy, one body bag, one toe tag, and unlimited kudos and respect amongst peers.

Is there a difference in price between the limited edition and the standard Roadkill teddy?

No. Theyíre both £25. Thatís why youíve got to rush to be one of the lucky few to get your greasy paws on the first 1000 Roadkill teddies. Maybe years from now, on the antiques roadshow, or in Sothebyís, one of the limited edition teddies will fetch £45,000,000. But for now they are a piffling £25.

Is it cheaper to buy it in shops or online?

The price of £25 is universal. It doesnít make a difference whether you buy it online, in Harrods, in Walmart, in Tandyís or in Clintonís Cards.

£25. Thatís quite expensive, isnít it?

This product isnít a Disney Product. Itís a designer, niche product. If it went global we could afford to lower the price. But we donít want it to. We want to keep it in a select, discerning market. The kind of market that men of taste and distinction frequent; men like you, dear sir. That said, stop being such a tightwad. Itís only two notes. Getíem out you miser.