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Sit back, put your feet up, and try not to choke on your popcorn. This is Roadkill’s version of The Oscars.

Fresh on the list is our latest Roadkill Toys viral film. We call it ‘Pet Shop’. But don’t be fooled by the cute title. It’s not cute. It was wrought in the fires of Hell. The producer was Beelzebub. The boom operator was Mephistopheles. And the Director was Satan himself (or Fraser Jamieson as he sometimes likes to be known).

It’s the latest in the human saga of good versus evil. A kindly pet shop owner comes face to face with pure, ancient evil. A little boy from Sidcup. Watching this little boy, was like watching the antichrist on a bad hair day. He sent shivers down my spine. But the person who stole the show was Flopsy. Flopsy was a stunt rabbit from Berkshire. He was a pleasure to work with. A consummate professional.

Next up is the original viral film we did for


It was filmed by a director friend of ours called Fraser Jamieson. It’s hairy and it’s dark. Just like our Twitch character. There are pheasants bumping off fenders and hares squidging under tyres. And right in the middle of it all there’s a psychotic fiery-haired old lady called Beryl. Watching her was like watching Jack Nicholson switching it on and off in The Shining. She was such a method actor that she had dead field mice in her pockets. Lots of animals were harmed in the making of it. But that cute rabbit you see at the end of the film… don’t worry he’s now living happily in a good home in Brighton.

Then there’s the Road to Roadkill film.