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For the dedicated follower of all things plastic and plush there are many events and shows throughout the year. All the established cult toy designers flaunt their wares here, from James Jarvis to Sun-Min Kim of Ugly Doll fame. And you can also find all the up and coming designers here. So get out your little black book, clear all your wedding anniversaries and motherís day appointments, and put down the following dates.

It's upside down, you moose...Hong Kong usually kicks off the plastic and plush year. The next Hong Kong toy fair takes place 7-10 January 2008. Itís called the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair.

Next up, the French. They have their toy fair on 13-16 January 2008. Itís called Univers díenfants, and it takes place in Paris.

In Canada the toy fair takes place in Toronto. Itís called the Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair. The next one takes place 26-28 January 2008.

The British Toy Fair usually takes place in London at the end of January. The next one is 30 January- 2 February 2008.

Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, in NŁrnberg, Germany. Itís takes place between 7-12 February 2008.

American International Toy Fair. The next oneís on February 17th-20th 2008 in the Javits Convention Center, New York. Itís where all the latest designer toys are flaunted.

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In February thereís the Spanish toy fair. It takes place in Valencia, and is called Feria Internacional del Juguete y de los Juegos. Bit of a moutful.

Not to be outdone by their Eastern counterparts, the Western States also have a toy fair. Itís called the Western States Toy & Hobby Show, and itís in California. It usually takes place in March.

Australiaís toy fair is called the Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair. Itís in Melbourne, and the next one happens on April 4-7, 2008.

The Tokyo toy fair usually takes place in late June to early July each year. Itís organised by the Japan Toy Association.

If none of the above satisfies your toy cravings, then sign up to Clutter magazine. It has a listing of all relevant and interesting upcoming events.