Roadkill Header

We’ve started quite small and that’s the way we’d like to keep it. There’s three of us. Me, Adam Arber. I’m the Squash-plush toy designer and creator. I grew up collecting toys and reading 2000AD. I was inspired by comic artists like Simon Bisley, Ron Smith and Carlos Esquerra. I’m also into Gerald Scarfe with his splatty illustrations. I’m a bit of a doodler and that’s how I came up with the Roadkill idea. It was just an innocent doodle. An innocent doodle that went horribly wrong.

Employee Of The MonthWhen I finally put my toys away, I went into a career in advertising. I’ve been coming up with ideas for the likes of IKEA, Clarks, Tango, and Toyota. I also dabble in Children’s Fairy stories, writing and illustrating them. But that’s another story.

Then there’s Mike Velcro. He’s the number cruncher. He can turn a spreadsheet into a Picasso. He sometimes gives me ideas for new products, but I tend to ignore him. He’s also the hairiest person I know.

Last but not least there’s Charlie Bradshaw. A man of great, bulging stature. He’s been sorting out the production side of things, and divides his time between Hong Kong and Balham. To date he’s been working on producing teenage girls’ products. So there’s not much cross-over there.

The TeamWe’re all buddies from school, and we all share a similar macabre sense of humour.

Then in the spirit of equal opportunities, we’ve employed a team of moles. They work in creative services. Their job is to sharpen the pencils, keep the fax machine loaded, and also lick the stamps and stick them on the teddy parcels. We have a freelance badger. David. He’s been sorting out our marketing strategy. He’s got great contacts in the toy industry. We have a hedgehog. She’s our legal advisor. She also advises Lassie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so we’re in good hands there.

We’re currently looking to recruit some squirrel post-grads to handle customer relations. So if you’re a squirrel and you’ve just left university, please contact us. Starting salary is 1000 peanuts per annum.